[Closed] Win a unique NFT with historical value!

The Box of Precious GEMZ, print 2/2

The Box of Precious GEMZ is the artwork #1 from Crystal Collection. Only two Ethereum NFTs — called “prints” — are minted! Each print is numbered and contains also a brief historical note.

One print will be sold on auction, starting from May 4th. The second one will be offered as a prize in a Twitter contest.

How to enter the contest?

The print will be offered to the holder of the biggest amount of GEMZ — the original Counterparty token — who will retweet the EverdreamSoft tweet announcing the beginning of the contest.
To enter the contest, retweet and add the amount of GEMZ you hold together with the address of your wallet.

The contest will be running from the moment the initial EverdreamSoft is tweeted, until May 10, 11am CEST.

Good luck!



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