Spells of Genesis : New Monthly Leaderboard 2021


In Spells of Genesis we have a monthly leaderboard, where all players are ranked based on the amount of gold they collected by completing campaigns, raids and quests that month.

More information about the game : https://spellsofgenesis.com/game/


At the end of the month you will win a big amount of GOLD if you are among the top 100 players, and 1 XCP BLOCKCHAIN CARD if you are on one of the first 40 positions and correctly linked your digital wallet (compatible XCP) to your Spells of Genesis account.

Please remember that Gold are automatically sent by the game system and Blockchain Cards are manually sent by the team. That’s why you won’t receive these 2 rewards at the same moment. Cards are usually sent later the second week of the month.

Don’t forget to bind your game account to your digital wallet !


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