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3 min readFeb 19, 2024

Unveiling YODARK: A Tribute to Vision and Innovation 🌟

This February is not just about love and chocolates; it’s a month of celebration for us too! 🎂 We’re thrilled to announce the birthday month of our visionary CEO, Shaban Shaame, and to honor this special occasion, we’re launching an exclusive Spells of Genesis card: YODARK.

YODARK is more than just a card; it’s a tribute to Shaban, the mastermind behind EverdreamSoft and a pioneer in the blockchain revolution. Curious about Shaban? Here’s a brief glimpse into his story.

« Shaban Shaame is the founder and CEO of EverdreamSoft, a leading Swiss-based tech company providing blockchain technology and services that unlock the potential of tokenization in industries where Digital Ownership and Intellectual Property are critical.

From his early stage in Japan, where he launched his first mobile game Moonga in 2010, Shaban Shaame has evolved in a rapidly on-going digital era and was captivated by the potential of emerging technologies and the possibilities they held for reshaping society. Ranking among the pioneers for tokenization of digital assets, Shaban Shaame stumbled upon the concept of blockchain while researching decentralized systems. Instantly intrigued by the revolutionary implications of this technology, he immersed himself in delving into the underlying principles of transparency, traceability, immutability, security by design, and distributed ledger. In 2015, EverdreamSoft released BitCrystals (BCY), a token based on Counterparty which was one of the 1st Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) ever made.

Less centralized, more redistributed.

Shaban Shaame knew first-hand that there was a lack of digital property in how game players collaborated and traded their in-game assets. In 2017, surrounded by a small group of developers, designers and marketers sharing the same passion for video games, he launched the first blockchain-based mobile game: Spells of Genesis. More precisely, the very first blockchain cards now playable in Spells of Genesis were initially released in March 2015, 5 months before the start of the ICO and 2 years before the release of the game itself. Long before the NFT hype, Shaban Shaame called them “ORB”, standing for Ownership Recorded on the Blockchain, and set the trend of “true ownership” of digital assets.

Overcoming Challenges Beyond gaming

Committed to driving distributed ledger technology forward, Shaban Shaame focused on scalable, versatile, and user-friendly blockchain tools that could accommodate a wide range of applications. Thus, EverdreamSoft created the CrystalSuite, an integrated suite of blockchain tools that can be used as standalone products, or all together in order to reach a higher efficiency: the B2C product line for players, collectors and digital art creators containing Casa Tookan Wallet, Orb Explorer, Orb Creator, and BitCrystals, and the B2B line targeting game creators and IP owners including Crystal Spark, Orb Share and Analyze module.

Armed with a vision and an unwavering determination

Once more, long before the explosion of the NFTs markets, Shaban Shaame knew the coming inherent risks: frauds, scams, infringements. In order to sustain the growing tokenized asset ecosystem, Shaban Shaame focused on how to certificate NFTs, how to make sure that people don’t buy a scam, and how to secure the trade of cards. With a team of like-minded individuals, he build with his 2 co-founders Wakweli, the first protocol of certification for any tokenized asset based on a revolutionary consensus-based process allowing authentication and certification by a decentralized community, Wakweli also aims to become the google-like platform to find & curate any information on any tokenized assets.

Know the past to shape the future

Assuming that blockchain is a game-changing technology, Shaban Shaame realized that the history of blockchain had to be preserved. In 2023, EverdreamSoft launched ChainChronicles, a unique subscription series that allows users to subscribe monthly to receive rare and vintage NFT cards based on historical and notable events in the blockchain space.

As time goes on, Shaban Shaame’s impact on the world of blockchain technology continues to grow. Today, EverdreamSoft is the backbone of countless decentralized applications, and Shaban Shaame’s visionary approach set a standard for innovation and ethical practices within the tech industry»

As we celebrate Shaban’s birthday and his incredible achievements, we invite you to be a part of this journey. Subscribe to ChainChronicles by February 21st to receive the fabulous YODARK card and join us in marking a milestone in the blockchain narrative.

Let’s make February a month to remember.

Celebrate with us, celebrate with YODARK!