2 min readFeb 4, 2022


We are thrilled to announce our partnership with TheSandBox and Nabiya Studio. On February 10th will take place the exclusive Premium LAND sale around EverdreamSoft Estate. The Sandbox community will be able to purchase a digital piece of real-estate, which entitles them to exclusive NFTs by EverdreamSoft and from its Sandbox neighbors, Blackpool, Apes of Space, eToro and Mad Mecha. The Five NFTs will be bundled with the Premium LANDs.

Guess which NFT we have reserved for the LAND buyers ? YES, it will be our exclusive and iconic 3D BearWhale which was inspired by the legendary Bitcoin trader who in 2014 was depressing the crypto market with his massive account.

Premium LANDs are experiencing high traffic as they are surrounded by top-rated partners and social hubs. Users will be able to buy Premium LAND around EverdreamSoft Estate, which is expected to see much more traffic than regular LAND and offer interesting opportunities for the owners.

Other very exciting projects on TheSandbox are coming up in the next few months. A collection of NFTs will be dropped on its marketplace platform and with the collaboration of the Nabiya Studio, we are currently developing a Social Hub that will be linked to our mobile game Spell of Genesis, one of the first blockchain-based games, by offering interactions with the characters and SoG-themed heroic fantasy environment. Users will also be invited to visit our Social Hub to attend special events, such as new SoG in-card game release, NFTs updates etc. Stay tuned for more details !

See you on February 10th !