EverdreamSoft — last update

Hi everyone,

We apologize for the current inconveniences with the server and we know that you’ve been waiting impatiently for the withdrawal feature!

Most of our players reported us «lag and connectivity» issues with the game recently.

This is mostly due to the sudden high affluence of gamers making it difficult for our servers to keep up with. We are working on this as our highest priority.

We’re migrating the server and re-organizing the structure to make it better and stronger, it should help significantly improve the performance of our services.

Moreover, this is a required step to activate the withdrawal feature. As soon as these updates are completed, we will continue with the next features.

We are sorry for the delay, it’s important for us to provide the best experience with our game and are actively working on improving on the feedback we get from our players.

Thank you again for all your understanding and patience.

Creator of Spells of Genesis (https://spellsofgenesis.com/) and EverdreamSoft Crystal Suite (https://crystalsuite.com/)