EverdreamSoft Development Update: April & May 2021

Crystal Collection

EverdreamSoft Crystal Collection logo


In April, our main focus was on preparing the EverdreamSoft Crystal Collection.

Besides choosing the artworks with a significant historical value, we needed to set up the backend server, mint the tokens and set up the API to ensure the metadata will be displayed correctly.

The Doge, Crystal Collection print

We started to sell the Crystal Collection prints in the beginning of May.

About Crystal Collection

Crystal Collection is a unique NFT collection of original artwork “prints”, charged with a significant historical value.

In this collection, EDS retraces some of the most important events and projects from the blockchain history, using original artworks initially created to be part of the first blockchain tradable cards in SoG.

The Box of Precious Gemz, Crystal Colleciton print

Each artwork is minted in a limited number of “prints” (1 to 15), each numbered print is attached to an NFT. The artworks are minted on different blockchains.


Polkadot Decoded

Polkadot logo

Shaban Shaame, our CEO, attended Polkadot Decoded, one of the biggest blockchain — and definitely the biggest one in Polkadot ecosystem — events this year!

He talked about “Creating & Managing NFTs on Multiple Substrate Pallets” and lead the ensuing workshop about this topic. You can watch the video in replay below.

Spells of Genesis

As the blockchain fees are very high, we had to deactivate the withdraw feature a short while ago. Now we are working on using Klaytn blockchain — already used for the blockchainization (First Oasis address) — for the withdrawal.

We are working on implementing Kaikas (Klaytn extension, a Metamask-like wallet) to Orb Explorer. This will allow players to set up a Klaytn wallet (using Kaikas), connect it to Orb Explorer and withdraw the blockchainized cards on Klaytn.

Klaytn is already being intergrated in Open Sea, so players will be able to trade their cards there, with very low fees (under 1$).

We expect the withdrawal to be reactivated this summer!

BitCrystals Burn

Every month we burn BitCrystals worth 50% of our sales revenue and we publish a Burn Report.

By burning BitCrystals, its total amount keeps decreasing and thus its scarcity increases.

BitCrystals Burn Report May 2021

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