Enter a draw to win “The Theft of Mountain Gox” historical NFT!

The Theft of Mountain Gox, Print 1/3
The Theft of Mountain Gox, Print 1/3
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How to enter the contest?

The contest is running between May 10, 11 am CEST (GMT +2) and May 17, 11 am CEST. The winner will be chosen from the correct answers by a draw, contacted by email and announced on EverdreamSoft’s twitter account.
Entries with an invalid email adress and/or invalid Ethereum wallet address and/or wrong answer and/or entries submitted outside the above dates will be excluded from the draw.

The Theft of Mountain Gox

This Theft of Mountain Gox artwork, made by Alejandro Hurtado, was minted in a supply of 3 prints only, all numbered and unique. One can be won in our contest, the other two are on sale starting from May 11th, 11 am CEST (GMT +2).

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