Do you know the story behind LAMUSECARD?

2 min readMar 14, 2022

Created on December 15, 2016, LAMUSECARD is one of the oldest cards in Spell of Genesis (SoG), the 1st blockchain-based mobile game ever made by EverdreamSoft. The particularity of this card is that it is a nod to the collaboration and good understanding between EverdreamSoft and the associative coworking space in Geneva called La Muse Bouge, which has welcomed the creators of SoG since 2010.

Originally, this card was purchasable only by the coworkers in a cryptocurrency invented by the CEO of EverdreamSoft Shaban Shaame : the Musecoin. This currency is intended to stimulate exchanges of services between coworkers or to monetize their services to the coworking space. Indeed, La Muse Bouge has become an associative space, since May 2, 2016 and it works thanks to its coworkers who, voluntarily, assign themselves tasks to make the space work. Thus, the various functions and services performed for LMB are remunerated in Musecoin. These Musecoins allow other coworkers to buy services, as diverse as they are varied, such as the translation of a document carried out by a professional or even yoga classes.

La Muse Bouge Coworking Space, Geneva

In addition to the mythological meaning of the muse, this card symbolizes cohabitation, fraternity, mutual aid and inspiration that connect current or past coworkers around La Muse Bouge. The first coworking space in French-speaking Switzerland, La Muse became the LMB association when the coworkers wanted to continue the great adventure of coworking in the city of Calvin after the departure of the Foundation that initiated the project.

The objective of a coworking space, in addition to forging entrepreneurial links and allowing everyone to work in a favorable atmosphere, is to help young companies take off, grow and move towards new horizons.

We wanted to put this card back in the foreground because EverdreamSoft, one of the flagship companies, has left the coworking space to sail to heavens that are not more favorable but more expandable in terms of work surface.

In order to thank La Muse Bouge for these wonderful years and memories, EverdreamSoft wishes to offer the coworking space 10% of all sales generated by LAMUSECARD between March 14 and 21, 2022. If you want to be part of this history, it’s time!