4 min readDec 8, 2023

Greetings ChainChronicles Subscribers!

We are thrilled to unveil the treasures of our November package. This month, we’ve curated a selection of NFTs that blend historical intrigue with ethereal beauty, ensuring our subscribers get nothing short of a timeless experience.



First, we present the remarkable Spells of Genesis Card: SOGFTX. This card is not just an artistic masterpiece but also a powerful symbol. It represents FTX, the once-renowned cryptocurrency exchange, and its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried who swindled all his customers, using their money for his own benefit. This card tells a cautionary tale of ambition and avarice, reminding us of the delicate balance between innovation and integrity in the crypto world.

Timeless Infinity Artwork

The beautiful story behind this artwork « In a desert that stretched beyond horizons, a woman of extraordinary beauty stood alone. Her eyes, deep as the universe itself, held secrets of ages past. The sands whispered stories of her grace as she moved, leaving faint imprints that blended seamlessly with the land. As the sun began its descent, casting long shadows, her gaze turned skyward. Stars emerged, painting the heavens with their brilliance. Time seemed to pause around her, as if the universe itself paid homage to her existence. In her, the desert found a companion to its infinite expanse. She embodied the concept of timeless infinity — a living bridge between transient moments and the eternal cosmos. As night draped the desert in shadows, she became part of its story, a guardian of its enigmas. And so, amidst the desert’s silence and the woman’s beauty, the notion of timeless infinity found its embodiment — a reminder that beauty and eternity are woven into the very fabric of existence.»


ChainChronicles x MoonCats

As a token of our appreciation, every subscriber received the exclusive SOGMOONCATS card. Designed by the talented Peyeyo, this card is a nod to Mooncat Rescue, a pioneer in generative PFP projects on the Ethereum blockchain. A perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation, this card is our way of saying thank you for being a part of the ChainChronicles journey.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what’s inside each November package!

ESSENTIAL PACK: The best introductory pack!

The Essential Pack is the perfect choice for those seeking an entry point into the mesmerizing world of ChainChronicles. This pack contains:

▶️ 1 x Exclusive Artwork «Timeless Infinity»
▶️ 1 x New SoG Card «SOGFTX»
🎁 1 x Bonus «SOGMOONCATS»
▶️ 1 SoG Random Legendary Card
▶️ 12 BCYM (Klaytn)
💎 300 In-Game Gems
💰 10 000 In-Game Gold

CURATOR PACK: The best option for seasoned collectors!

For those who crave an enhanced experience and a deeper connection to the narrative. Feast your eyes on the following treasures:

▶️ 3 x Exclusive Artwork «Timeless Infinity»
▶️ 3 x New SoG Card «SOGFTX»
▶️ 1 x FWSDLANCKNOC (vintage NFT — 2016)
🎁 3 x Bonus «SOGMOONCATS»
▶️ 1 x SoG Random Legendary Card
▶️ 150 BCYM
💎 500 In-Game Gems
💰15 000 In-Game Gold

OG’S PACK: The premium package for OG’s collectors that wish to maximize the value of their subscription!

For the connoisseurs of the blockchain realm, the OG’s pack delivers the epitome of exclusivity. Brace yourself for an extraordinary collection of treasures that will leave you in awe:

▶️ 10 x Exclusive Artwork «Timeless Infinity»
▶️ 10 x New SoG Card «SOGFTX»
▶️ 1 X FWCFCCHAPROC (Vintage NFT — 2016)
▶️ 1 X BTCMEETUPCD (Vintage NFT — 2017)
🎁 10 x Bonus «SOGMOONCATS»
▶️ 2 SoG Random Legendary Card
▶️ 150 BCYM (ETH)
💎 800 In-Game Gems
💰 20 000 In-Game Gold

If you have not subscribed yet, subscribe now! 👉 then sit back, relax and enjoy your new collectibles!

P.S Be sure to be subscribed before the 22nd of December to receive December’s package! If you subscribe after the 21st, you’ll receive the January one.

🎁 Please note that all packages are typically sent during the last week of each month. However, we want to inform you that, exceptionally, the December package will be dispatched in mid-January. This slight delay is due to our office being closed for the holiday season. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we take this time to recharge and return with even more fantastic offerings for you. 🎁

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