4 min readJan 10, 2024

Happy New Year ChainChronicles Subscribers!

As we step into the vibrant beginnings of 2024, all of us at ChainChronicles hope that the holiday season was a period of joy, warmth, and cherished moments with your loved ones.

We understand that anticipation has been building, and we’re equally excited to finally unveil the much-awaited December Package. Yes, we know, it’s a tad late, but we assure you it’s worth the wait! This special package not only encapsulates the spirit of ChainChronicles but also comes with an exclusive bonus that we believe will add an extra sparkle to your collection.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details of the December Package and discover the special bonus card that awaits. Here’s to a year filled with adventure, new challenges, and of course, amazing chronicles!



In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain, the CRYPTOWINTER card stands as a testament to the resilience and dynamism of the market. Drawing inspiration from the concept of a bear market — a period marked by declining prices and widespread pessimism — this card embodies the challenges and opportunities inherent in such times.

Bear markets, characterized by investor sell-offs and a cautious outlook, often emerge from economic downturns or significant market corrections. They represent not just challenges, but also moments of reflection and potential growth for the astute investor.

CRYPTOWINTER is more than a card; it’s a symbol of endurance and strategic foresight in the blockchain world. It serves as a reminder that even in the coldest of crypto winters, the seeds for the next market resurgence are sown.


ChainChronicles x Curio

As a token of our appreciation, every December subscriber received the exclusive SOGCURIO card.

This unique card is the result of our exciting partnership with The Curio Cards project, one of the pioneers in the Art NFT space on Ethereum.

Curio Cards, renowned for being among the first art NFT projects, showcases a diverse collection of 30 digital artworks from various talented artists, each piece a testament to the innovative blend of art and technology.

With SOGCURIO, you not only receive a piece of digital art history but also a symbol of the vibrant and evolving world of NFTs. This card is our way of saying thank you for your support and enthusiasm.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what’s inside each December package!

ESSENTIAL PACK: The best introductory pack!

The Essential Pack is the perfect choice for those seeking an entry point into the mesmerizing world of ChainChronicles. This pack contains:

▶️ 1 x Exclusive Artwork «NALIM»
▶️ 1 x New SoG Card «CRYPTOWINTER»
🎁 1 x Bonus «SOGCURIO»
▶️ 1 SoG Random Legendary Card
▶️ 12 BCYM (Klaytn)
💎 300 In-Game Gems
💰 10 000 In-Game Gold

CURATOR PACK: The best option for seasoned collectors!

For those who crave an enhanced experience and a deeper connection to the narrative. Feast your eyes on the following treasures:

▶️ 3 x Exclusive Artwork «NALIM»
▶️ 3 x New SoG Card «CRYPTOWINTER»
▶️ 1 x FWCFCANENCOC (Vintage — 2016)
🎁 3 x Bonus «SOGCURIO»
▶️ 1 SoG Random Legendary Card
▶️ 150 BCYM
💎 500 In-Game Gems
💰 15 000 In-Game Gold

OG’S PACK: The premium package for OG’s collectors that wish to maximize the value of their subscription!

For the connoisseurs of the blockchain realm, the OG’s pack delivers the epitome of exclusivity. Brace yourself for an extraordinary collection of treasures that will leave you in awe:

▶️ 10 x Exclusive Artwork «NALIM»
▶️ 10 x New SoG Card «CRYPTOWINTER»
▶️ 1 x FWSDLSPIRITC (Vintage — 2016)
▶️ 1 x WHEREBCYCARD (Vintage — 2016)
🎁 10 x Bonus «SOGCURIO»
▶️ 2 SoG Random Legendary Card
▶️ 150 BCYM (ETH)
💎 800 In-Game Gems
💰20 000 In-Game Gold

If you have not subscribed yet, subscribe now! 👉 then sit back, relax and enjoy your new collectibles

P.S Be sure to be subscribed before the 22nd of January to receive January’s package! If you subscribe after the 21st, you’ll receive the February one.

And for our dedicated collectors, a not-to-be-missed opportunity awaits — the chance to collect the entire Season 2 of ChainChronicles. This is your only chance to secure all the 2024 cards, each a unique piece in the grand tapestry of our digital collectible universe. Embrace this opportunity to complete your collection and own a piece of ChainChronicles history!

🎁Please note that all packages will be sent the last week of each month. 🎁