Art for Change: An Artistic Initiative for a Global Impact

2 min readApr 21, 2024

by Switzerland for UNHCR & EverdreamSoft

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Art for Change on a day that resonates deeply with the project’s mission — the United Nations: World Creativity and Innovation Day.

Art for Change is a collaborative project between Switzerland for UNHCR, EverdreamSoft, and the Genevan artist Panpancucul, aiming at using the power of art to make a positive impact on the lives of forcibly displaced people.

World Creativity and Innovation Day underlines the critical role of creativity and innovation in solving global challenges — a vision that Art for Change embodies.

As a donation subscription program, it not only allows to plan more efficiently the support of 114 million people forced to flee around the world but also offers a unique approach to philanthropy. By taking part in this new adventure, donors contribute to an innovative way of raising funds, while receiving each month an exclusive digital collectible by Swiss artist Panpancucul.

Each month, donors will receive a unique digital collectible representing a country highlighted in the report “The Implications of Underfunding UNHCR’s Activities.” These collectibles serve as a monthly reminder of the diverse challenges faced in underfunded regions and the impact of your support.

To offer greater flexibility and enhance your impact, we provide two donation plans: a biannual plan every six months and an annual plan. Subscribers to the annual plan will receive a bonus 13th digital collectible, which includes all countries illustrated in the report, emphasizing our commitment to addressing each highlighted issue.

In celebration of World Creativity and Innovation Day, we are delighted to open the doors to donations starting today. The first distribution of exclusive digital collectibles will take place in May. To ensure you receive the inaugural collectible of the collection, make sure to subscribe by May 21st at the latest. You can subscribe HERE.

Through Art for Change, contributors will help provide vital solutions such as shelter, essential items, but also access to education or to support the integration of people forced to flee in their host communities.

Join us in this groundbreaking initiative where your passion for art transforms into powerful support for those in need, making a lasting difference worldwide. Subscribe to Art for Change today and become a part of a creative solution that continues to inspire and bring hope to millions of people around the world.