About the Withdrawal Feature

1 min readNov 26, 2021

As promised, after we fixed the server issue, we started to work on the withdrawal feature.

The withdrawal is a feature we opened as a beta-test to our players while offering all the transaction fees.

The testing phase of the feature was supposed to finish in November 2020. Starting from December 2020, players were supposed to start paying the transaction fees (payable in BitCrystals), but we finally let it active with the fees offered by EDS till February 2021.

The withdrawal system will not just be «reactivated » or « pushed online » like it was last year. In order to be reopened and to function the way we intend it to, several parts need to be fully developed and a few improvements need to be done.

What do we plan ?

You’ll be able to withdraw your SoG cards on Counterparty, Ethereum and Klaytn chains, according to your choice. The fees for the transaction will be paid in BitCrystals.

In order to enable the BCY payments, we need to add a “deposit” part of the feature.

There are considerable security risks coming with these developments. That’s why we need time to develop and test everything properly.

We want to make the blockchainization-withdrawal feature stronger, safer and more tailored to what you’re asking for. It is our main priority and it should be ready in Q1 2022.