As promised, after we fixed the server issue, we started to work on the withdrawal feature.

The withdrawal is a feature we opened as a beta-test to our players while offering all the transaction fees.

The testing phase of the feature was supposed to finish in November 2020. Starting from…

Hi Everyone,

We know that a lot of you are waiting for technical news. As you might have noticed already, our servers are now running better. We also proceeded to a maintenance on the blockchain system and our databases, that’s why the blockchainization was disabled for one day.

Everything is back online now so if you face any issue, please don’t hesitate to let us know.As promised, our dev team is now working on the withdrawal system to update it.

We will give you more information about this feature soon.We would like to thank you all for your support and understanding!Have a great weekend and take care.

The EverdreamSoft Team.

Hi everyone,

We have to suspend Spells of Genesis servers for a technical maintenance, so the game will be offline.

Please be patient, interruption should not be too long and the game will be back during the day.

Thank you again for all your support and understanding.

The EverdreamSoft Team.

Hi everyone,

We apologize for the current inconveniences with the server and we know how frustrating it could be.

Yesterday we had to disable a part of the process of the blockchainization to do more technical tests on our servers.

Today the blockchainization will be disabled and migrate to a new server. So please be patient.

After that, we will do more technical investigations during the weekend. We hope it will help to increase the game performance.

Thank you again for all your patience, we are sorry for all these inconveniences. When the issue will be completely fixed, we will send compensations for the loss.

The EverdreamSoft Team.

Hi everyone,

We apologize for the current inconveniences with the server and we know that you’ve been waiting impatiently for the withdrawal feature!

Most of our players reported us «lag and connectivity» issues with the game recently.

This is mostly due to the sudden high affluence of gamers making it…

The highest amount of BitCrystals (BCY) ever burnt!

The incredible craze for digital antiquities (vintage NFTs) led EverdreamSoft to the record “burn” of BitCrystals: nearly one million BCY!

BitCrystals Burn Report August 2021
BitCrystals Burn Report August 2021

Every month we burn BitCrystals worth 50% of our sales revenue and we publish a Burn Report.

By burning BitCrystals, its total amount keeps decreasing and thus its scarcity increases.

We’re very sad to announce you that we decided to discontinue the operation of Book of Orbs. Sadly, its dependencies on third-part services made it very difficult to maintain the application up to date and working correctly.

After a thoughtful consideration we decided to interrupt the Book of Orbs service…


Creator of Spells of Genesis (https://spellsofgenesis.com/) and EverdreamSoft Crystal Suite (https://crystalsuite.com/)

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