Crystal Collection

EverdreamSoft Crystal Collection logo
EverdreamSoft Crystal Collection logo

In April, our main focus was on preparing the EverdreamSoft Crystal Collection.

Besides choosing the artworks with a significant historical value, we needed to set up the backend server, mint the tokens and set up the API to ensure the metadata will be displayed correctly.

We’re very sad to announce you that we decided to discontinue the operation of Book of Orbs. Sadly, its dependencies on third-part services made it very difficult to maintain the application up to date and working correctly.

After a thoughtful consideration we decided to interrupt the Book of Orbs service with all its features and dedicate our time and resources to the further development of other products from EverdreamSoft’s portfolio.

The service is inactive starting from May 31, 2021.

We invite you to discover the suggested replacement services: Casa Tookan Wallet, Orb Explorer, Freewallet and Counterwallet.

Recommended services to replace Book of Orbs

Casa Tookan Wallet logo
Casa Tookan Wallet logo
Casa Tookan Wallet

Casa Tookan is our…

The Theft of Mountain Gox, Print 1/3
The Theft of Mountain Gox, Print 1/3
The Theft of Mountain Gox, Print 1/3
Contest form

How to enter? Easy as pie: just fill in the form above!

The contest is running between May 10, 11 am CEST (GMT +2) and May 17, 11 am CEST. The winner will be chosen from the correct answers by a draw, contacted by email and announced on EverdreamSoft’s twitter account.
Entries with an invalid email adress and/or invalid Ethereum wallet address and/or wrong answer and/or entries submitted outside the above dates will be excluded from the draw.

The Theft of Mountain Gox

The Theft of Mountain Gox is another artwork from EverdreamSoft Crystal Collection.

This Theft of Mountain Gox artwork, made by…

The Box of Precious GEMZ, print 2/2
The Box of Precious GEMZ, print 2/2
The Box of Precious GEMZ, print 2/2

The Box of Precious GEMZ is the artwork #1 from Crystal Collection. Only two Ethereum NFTs — called “prints” — are minted! Each print is numbered and contains also a brief historical note.

One print will be sold on auction, starting from May 4th. The second one will be offered as a prize in a Twitter contest.

How to enter the contest?

The print will be offered to the holder of the biggest amount of GEMZ — the original Counterparty token — who will retweet the EverdreamSoft tweet announcing the beginning of the contest.
To enter the contest, retweet and add the amount of GEMZ you hold together with the address of your wallet.

The contest will be running from the moment the initial EverdreamSoft is tweeted, until May 10, 11am CEST.

Good luck!

EverdreamSoft Crystal Collection logo
EverdreamSoft Crystal Collection logo

Crystal Collection is a unique NFT collection of original artwork “prints”, charged with a significant historical value.

In this collection, EverdreamSoft retraces some of the most important events and projects from the blockchain history, using original artworks initially created to be part of the first blockchain tradable cards in Spells of Genesis.

Each artwork is minted in a limited number of “prints” (1 to 15 max.), each numbered print is attached to an NFT. The artworks are minted on different blockchains (Ethereum, Counterparty, Kusama...).

One print of each artwork offered!

One print of each artwork, having more than one print in total, will be offered —…

NFT Strategy for Kusama Network

EverdreamSoft collaborations on the NFT Strategy for Kusama Network continues.

We have slightly changed the Kusama Gallery user interface to better respect the Kusama black&pink color code.

Kusama Gallery black&pink UI
Kusama Gallery black&pink UI
Kusama Gallery

After the delivery of the milestone 1 — Kusama Gallery — we started to work on milestones 2 and 3 (merged together).

Polkadot Asset Creator

  • Mint NFTs on Kusama Network
  • Create collections for Kusama Gallery

Integration with Kusama Wallet

  • Integration with Polkadot.js browser extension
  • Allows NFT transfer

Orb Explorer UI Improvements

We started working on Orb Explorer UI (user interface) improvements and designing and prototyping new exciting features.

Take a sneak peek ;)

Kusama Gallery

Kusama Gallery preview
Kusama Gallery preview
Kusama Gallery preview

As you already know, EverdreamSoft is collaborating on the NFT Strategy for Kusama Network by developing PolkadotAssetJS, recently renamed as “CS Canonizer”.

CS Canonizer is a library making an abstraction of the NFT structure in order to allow management of completely different pallets — Kusama Network modules — and NFT standards while keeping a consistent workflow.

EverdreamSoft products portfolio
EverdreamSoft products portfolio

Revamped withdraw&deposit feature coming soon!

“Withdraw” is a unique feature which allows Spells of Genesis players to get an SoG blockchainized card on the chain of their choice.

Enhancing this feature by adding a “deposit” part is one of EverdreamSoft’s top projects for this year.

In order to technically assess all the necessary modifications, the withdraw feature was temporarily disabled. In the meantime, your blockchainized cards remain in your First Oasis address.

Great Progress on the NFT Strategy for Kusama Network

Happy New Year 2021

What will the year 2021 bring us? Who knows… But we know what we will bring you in 2021!

Discover what EverdreamSoft 2021 will look like!

EverdreamSoft 2021

We believe blockchain technology is changing the world. Tokenization allows community creation, making a better product with collective intelligence. We are working restlessly to make this future possible.

In December, our team spent a lot of time deciding our development priorities for the upcoming months. There are a lot of steps that need to be taken in order to bring asset tokenization into reality. Therefore we need to prioritize according to our resources. …


Creator of Spells of Genesis and EverdreamSoft Crystal Suite.

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